Continuity and diversification

Urea Casale is the second company of the Casale Group, established in 1991 to carry on the urea technology activities started by Ammonia Casale S.A. in 1985. As is well known, urea is one of the most important agricultural fertilizers. A large part of the ammonia produced in the world is transformed into urea in plants installed downstream of ammonia production units. Activities in the urea field were, therefore, a logical diversification for Ammonia Casale.

Since the very beginning, efforts have been mainly directed to the revamping of existing plants, as shown by the great number of projects completed, largely contributing to the development of this field of activity.

Thanks to its capacity to develop innovative technologies, Urea Casale has been able to acquire a considerable share of the market. Being in the unique position of being able to propose technologies for the upgrade of any kind of urea plant, Urea Casale has, in a very short time, become a leader in urea plant revamping.

The main aims of plant upgrading are increasing capacity, reducing energy consumption, controlling corrosion, abating pollution and improving product. These aspects are all covered by Urea Casale's technology portfolio.

This portfolio includes, among others, new processes to drastically increase plant capacity, such as the Vapour Recovery System (VRS), High-Efficiency Combined Process (HEC) and Split-Flow-Loop TM, as well as improved design of key equipment to enhance efficiency, such as the High-Efficiency Urea Reactor Trays, Full Condenser and High Efficiency Hydrolyser.

The Casale quality control department also has the capability and instruments to check the state of equipment items that are subject to corrosion.

All this, together with its technologies and vast know-how in the field, makes Urea Casale the ideal partner for improving urea plant performance. Like its mother company Ammonia Casale, Urea Casale's main strength lies in licensing its technologies, which are developed in-house by a team of very specialized and experienced people.


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