Welcome to casale’s 4th customer symposium

Casale is happy to welcome delegates from 17 to 21 October in Venice (Italy), one of most fascinating cities in the world, to IME 2016 – Innovation Meets Experience – the symposium entirely dedicated their customers.
This year’s IME will mark Casale’s 95th anniversary and will focus on a wide sector of the syngas-based industry, spanning the entire production chain from feedstock, up to the whole range of N-based fertilizers, plus methanol and melamine, through ammonia, urea and nitric acid.
Various aspects related to plant revamping and new plants, will be discussed with an eye on integrating different units within a single fertilizer production complex.
IME is designed to be a platform where industry experts and plant operators meet to freely exchange ideas and experiences in an open and stimulating environment.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to:

  • Learn how to grow your business by boosting the output and improving the efficiency of your plants through the application of the latest advances in technology and new services.
  • Network and interact in an open environment which brings together industry peers and leading experts.
  • Be an active part of a continuously growing, worldwide community.
  • Gain valuable insights and knowledge from the discussion of significant case histories.
  • Share ideas and experiences freely and take them back to your plant.

3rd Customer Symposium

Lugano - July 01, 2011

2nd Customer Symposium

Lugano - May 30, 2006

1st Customer Symposium

Lugano - July 01, 2001

75th Anniversary of Ammonia Casale


How to attend

IME 2016 is dedicated to Casale Customers only and if you have not yet received your personal invitation and wish to attend please apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you already received your personal invitation, please access the IME2016 dedicated website.

IME 2016