Over the years Casale has increased its technology portfolio adding processes and products related or complementary to its core products.

A growing field in which Casale is involved and successful is the design of special burners for partial oxidation and autothermal reforming. The new burners designed by Casale are applied in the generation of synthesis gas for the production of ammonia and methanol as well as for the production of technical gases.

Casale is also active in the field of hydrogen production processes through pressurized water electrolysers of advanced type, to cover the small-to-medium hydrogen production range, where reformers lose their economic advantage. This is the capacity range needed to meet the hydrogen requirements of many specialty chemical products, which currently rely on merchant hydrogen marketed in high-pressure cylinders.

Advanced water electrolysers powered by renewable energy sources are also a fundamental innovative technological contribution of Casale to the advancement of hydrogen as an alternative form of energy for the 21st century.


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