Green and Blue solutions

Reducing the carbon footprint in the synthesis of chemicals is a new challenge, which is necessary to have sustainable products designed to minimize the environmental impacts during the whole life-cycle.

In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions there are essentially two routes: the first is to capture and sequestrate the CO2 after its generation and this leads to so-called “blue” products; the second is to totally avoid the CO2 generation by the use of renewable energy and feedstocks and this is the path to “green” products.

Casale has been active for several years in the development and optimization of both green and blue technologies to be applied in the production of ammonia and methanol, which are two of the most energy intensive chemical products, responsible for the emission of large quantities of CO2.

The portfolio ranges from Blue Ammonia (A6000CC) and Blue Hydrogen (H10000CC) technologies, which are optimized for the carbon sequestration, to the Green Ammonia and Green Methanol technologies, for the production from renewables energies with zero emissions.

All the mentioned Blue and Green technologies can be applied to revamp existing plants or to integrate them in various grades of hybridization.