The history of the global fertilizer market is one of growth, and that is set to continue in the foreseeable future owing to a number of factors:

  • General growth in world population
  • Changing diet in specific emerging markets
  • Reduction of available agricultural land
  • Increased cultivation of crops for biofuel production
  • Rising quality requirements in global fruit and vegetables trade

Of the three main plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), nitrogen is the one that is needed in the greatest quantity. The other essential nutrients are provided by phosphates and complex fertilizers.

Casale acquired in 2015 Borealis’ (formerly GPN) proprietary process technologies for the production of nitric acid (NA), Nitrate fertilizers, Phosphates and Complex Fertilizers.

Casale offering includes complete units to produce any kind of superphosphates (Single SuperPhosphate, Triple SuperPhosphate and Urea SuperPhosphate) as well as more than 200 multinutrient fertilizer grades, including NPK, NS and NP binaries as well as DAP.