Suitable for production between 50 and 300 t/d.

Key features

  • Simple process scheme
  • Lowest capital expenditure
  • Highly automated

The A60 ammonia technology is Casale's process for natural gas-based plants with capacity ranging from 50 to 300 MTD. The A60 process which is a specialized solution for remote locations with isolated small natural gas sources, and to compensate it must:

  • have a low capital cost
  • be capable of highly automated operation
  • be sufficiently flexible to accommodate local market and gas supply conditions in remote locations.

In the A60 process Casale has brought together a number of innovative technologies, individually proved over the years in numerous revamp projects, in the most suitable way for economic small-scale production.

For example, it avoids the most expensive catalysts (nickel-based reforming and methanation catalysts and copper-based low-temperature shift catalysts).

The main A60 items are:

  • ASU
  • Casale POX
  • HTS
  • PSA
  • Casale synthesis converter

The energy consumption achievable is around 8 Gcal/h.