Suitable for production between 300 and 800 t/d.

Key features

  • Simple process scheme
  • Lowest capital expenditure
  • Highly automated

The A600 plant scheme is suitable for low-medium plant scale (typical range 300÷800MTD)

The A600 plant scheme differs from the conventional (A2000) arrangement in the following ways:

  • In the generation stages, only two reactors are required (ATR and MT shift), against the four steps of a conventional scheme (primary and secondary reforming, high- and low-temperature shift).
  • In the purification section, the highly automated PSA unit replaces the conventional solvent wash carbon dioxide removal system.
  • Overall, the amounts of catalysts and chemicals (e.g. solvent for CO2 removal) are significantly reduced.

The main A600 items are:

  • ASU
  • Casale ATR
  • MTS
  • PSA
  • Casale synthesis converter

The energy consumption achievable is around 8 Gcal/h.