Single-train process suitable for capacities up to more than 6000 MTD.

Key features

  • Syngas generation through ATR and primary reformer
  • Energy efficiency up to less than 6.5 gcal/t
  • Single ammonia converter up to 5000 t/d

A6000 is a single-train process suitable for capacities up to more than 6000 MTD of ammonia, or two million metric tons of ammonia per year. This capacity is three times that of today's typical ammonia plant size, and almost twice that of today's largest single-train ammonia plants.

A6000 reaches the highest single train ammonia capacity (maximum plant load can be up to 10'000MTD), thus taking full advantage of economies of scale, while still ensuring that all critical items are referenced at the size required and available from multiple vendors.

A6000 drastically improves the flow of all critical items that limit the maximum capacity in conventional plants, thereby permitting a higher single train capacity. A6000 achieves this result by adoption of three major design concepts:

  • A nitrogen-free front-end based on a pre-reformer, steam reformer and oxygen-blown auto-thermal reformer (ATR). Namely the so-called “combined reforming process”
  • Enhanced carbon dioxide removal, and purification based on Liquid Nitrogen Wash
  • Inert-free ammonia synthesis loop with two Casale synthesis converters.

The main stepsare:

  • Desulphurization
  • Primary and pre-reforming
  • ATR
  • Pseudo-isothermal MTS shift conversion
  • CO2 removal
  • Synthesis gas drying
  • Liquid Nitrogen Wash
  • Compression
  • Ammonia synthesis
  • Hydrogen recovery

Embedded Casale’s technologies

Several of Casale’s well-proven and highly efficient technologies and proprietary items are key underpinnings of the A6000 scheme, namely:

  • Casale design of pre-reformer and primary reformer
  • Casale ATR
  • Pseudo isothermal MTS shift converter
  • Ammonia synthesis converter
  • High efficiency loop heat recovery exchangers with direct connection to the ammonia converter