Casale can offer solutions to produce prilled low density ammonium nitrate (LDAN), aka Technical Grade Ammonium Nitrate, which are competitive and innovative.

Key features

  • Low emissions
  • Optimized solutions
  • Flexibility in product choice: it can beboth HDAN and LDAN)
  • Design is suitable for different kind of additives

Process outline

  • Wet section
    The fresh ammonium nitrate solution mixed with the recycled off spec product and with the solution coming from the scrubbers is concentrated in a falling film evaporator.
    From the evaporator the solution is then pumped to the top of the prilling tower where it is mixed with the internal additive.
  • Dry section
    The melt is sprayed at the top of the prilling tower by proprietary vibration heads or rotating buckets. Falling in the prilling tower, the droplets are crystallized and cooled by a counter current flow of air The prills are then dried in two drums, screened and finally cooled and coated.

Essentially, no solid waste or liquid effluent is produced. The off-spec prills. the scrubber solution and the cleaning water are all recycled within the process. All exhaust air is treated in a dedicated scrubber to meet environmental regulations.

Different process solutions are available, which allow the process scheme to be tailored to specific needs and preferences. The product cooling can be performed with a bulk flow cooler or with a fluidized bed cooler, while the drying air section which can use either a desiccant wheel or ammonia coolers.
The plant can handle a wide range of additives (organic or inorganic) and, in any event, can be arranged to produce both HDAN (i.e. fertilizer grade Ammonium Nitrate) and LDAN at the same time.