Casale announced today that it won a major contract by Messrs. Togliatti Azot (Russia) for setting up a new urea plant at their site in Togliatti, Russia.

Casale is pleased to announce the signature of a contract with CF Industries covering the revamping of their Courtright (Canada) urea plant , with the target to increase the output by 50%, in order to reach 1100 MTD.

On 21st of January 2015 Chemoproject Nitrogen (CHPN) signed a contract with Yara AB, Sweden for a new 685 MTD nitric acid plant to be erected in Köping (Sweden).

Casale SA, the Swiss global leader in ammonia, urea, methanol and melamine technologies, has acquired Borealis’ proprietary process technologies for the production of nitric acid (NA), ammonium nitrate (AN) and urea-ammonium nitrate solution (UAN), as well as other technologies for different downstream fertilizer products including granulation technology. Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers.

We are pleased to announce that, Ammonia Casale, Urea Casale, Methanol Casale and Casale Chemicals have merged into a single entity, which will trade under the name of Cacale SA.