Metafrax’s AUM complex

Despite the serious hurdles caused by the COVID19 pandemic and the necessity to insure and preserve the health and safety of all parties involved in the project, particularly our site team, the construction of the large Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (or AUM) complex at Metafrax is making steady progress.

Casale SA headquarter

The rapid spread of #covid19outbreak is affecting our lives, imposing restrictions to our personal liberties in ways that were unthinkable only few weeks ago. But surely it is not deterring our determination to keep going our works and fulfil our duties and tasks as before, to the best we can.

Metafrax’s AUM complex - Melamine unit

The site works at Gubakha of the Metafrax’s AUM complex (Ammonia - Urea - Melamine) are carrying on nicely despite the rigors of winter season.

2019 has been ripe of successes in China for Casale ammonia synthesis technology. 5 new loops were awarded in the course of the year, for a total installed capacity of 2’300’000 MTY.

We are glad to announce that Gujarat State Fertilizer Company’s (GSFC) new 40’000 MTY melamine plant has successfully passed the guarantee test run in August.

Metafrax’s AUM Project is a large and complex project, never undertaken so far, aimed at expanding the product mix of one of the biggest Russian producers of methanol and downstream resins, making full use of some low-value off streams. The new products are melamine and urea.

Construction works of Navoyazot’s new nitric acid plant (Navoy, Uzbekistan) is progressing unhindered. All major equipment has been installed, the main buildings erected, all piping prefabricated and 80% of them already installed. The rate of progress is fully in line with the expected start-up at the beginning of next year.