Casale Mini-Symposia

Casale organizes a series of mini symposia in collaboration with the Swiss Chemical Company on the occasion of the centenary celebrations.

green ammonia pilot project

We are pleased to announce that Casale, as member of a team that comprises RTI, University of Minnesota, Nutrien, GE, Shell, Nel Hydrogen, Xcel Energy, Great River Energy, Ottertail Power, Chemtonergy, Texas Tech University, Pacifica and Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) will participate in an effort towards the realization of a 1 t/day of green ammonia pilot plant, comprising water electrolysis, ammonia synthesis and ammonia separation and utilisation.

Casale - 100 years of history

A long journey always begins with a small step and Casale took its first just 100 years ago.

Casale new High Pressure stripper

Yara trademarkCasale new High Pressure stripper supplied to Yara, Ferrara (Italy) urea plant has been in operation for more than a year. This stripper is among the first industrial references where Uremium 29 superduplex alloy has been used for the construction of some critical parts, in urea service.

Granulator Pipe Reactor (GPR) sketch

Kandla, Gujarat (India) is home of IFFCO’s r oldest production centre for Phosphates and NPK.

Two of the existing lines were commissioned back in 1999, based on Grande Paroisse‘s Dual Pipe Reactor technology (DPR), presently licensed by Casale after they acquired in 2013 the entire Nitrates and Phosphates technology portfolio originally developed by Grande Paroisse.

Yara selects Uremium 29

Casale is happy to announce that Messrs. Yara, one of the world’s largest producers of fertilizers, has approved and selected Uremium 29 alloy material for maintenance purposes in all their urea plants worldwide.

Uremium 29 is a super-duplex alloy (i.e. austenitic-ferritic) specifically developed by Tubacex, a global leader in stainless steel and high nickel alloys tubular solutions, for Casale to be used in Urea service.

Casale and Clariant

AMOMAX®-CASALE, the outstanding catalysts resulted by the cooperation between Casale and Clariant, has been recently awarded by SCS with the Sandmeyer Award.

The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) represents chemists and scientists from chemistry related fields in national and international organizations, with about 2700 individual and institutional members representing more than 50 countries.

The new JSC Navoiyazot nitric acid plant in Navoiy, Uzbekistan.

Efficiency, emissions and emergencies: how a new nitric acid plant is helping to transform Uzbekistan’s chemical industry and blazing new trails for commissioning

An ultramodern nitric acid plant built by Casale in Uzbekistan balances investment costs and operational expenditures with maximum energy efficiency and environment-friendliness. Moreover, it’s a shining example of innovation and crisis management during the Covid-19 pandemic - breaking new ground with remote commissioning.

By Ingo Petz