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December 2019

2019 has been ripe of successes in China for Casale ammonia synthesis technology. 5 new loops were awarded in the course of the year, for a total installed capacity of 2’300’000 MTY.

The last plant was awarded in September by Henan Xinlianxin Chemical group, one of China’s major fertilizer producer, and it is the 3rd one of the same capacities for this customer.

There are already 6 2’000 MTD Casale loops in China.

August 2019

We are glad to announce that Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd (GSFC) new 40’000 MTY melamine plant has successfully passed the guarantee test run in August.

The plant, which includes also an Off-Gas Treatment unit (OGT), is based on Casale’s proprietary Low Energy Melamine (LEM™) technology. It is the first one among those awarded to Casale that goes on stream after the Company has entered this market in 2013. In the meantime, 2 more have already been acquired and are actively under various stages of realization.

GSFC is a large fertilizer, methanol and other chemicals company based in Vadodara, Gujarat (India) and it is the only manufacturer of melamine in India. The contract with Casale for licence, basic engineering and proprietary equipment was signed in 2016. GSFC was responsible for all the rest and appointed M/s. L&T (India) as the LSTK main contractor.

The major milestones are:

  • October 2016 : Stone foundation
  • December 2018 : mechanical completion:
  • January 2019 : beginning of commissioning of the melamine section

The LEM™ is a High Pressure, Non-catalytic Process and as proven in many references, including GSFC it consistently delivers a very quality product with lowest energy consumption and the easiest integration with the upstream urea plant, for off-gas treatment.

For more information on GSFC project or the LEM™ technology and how a melamine plant can help urea manufactures to diversify their production portfolio please feel free to contact us:

GSFC 3-D rendering

GSFC melamine plant

August 2019

Metafrax’ s AUM Project is a large and complex project, never undertaken so far, aimed at expanding the product mix of one of the biggest Russian producers of methanol and downstream resins, making full use of some low-value off streams. The new products are melamine and urea.

The project consists in the revamp of the exiting methanol plant, located in northern Russia, the addition of new ammonia, urea, melamine plants plus a new CO2 recovery unit (CDR) from flue gas.

All technologies involved, except for the CDR are owned and provided by Casale, which is also the general EPCm contractor. Site construction is under the responsibility of Metafrax.

The advantages of there being only one licensor/contractor are the high degree of integration among the various units, single point of responsibility, reduced project timing, improved efficiency.

The construction works started in 2018 and are proceeding relentlessly ahead of the coming rigid winter.

Most of the heavy equipment are already delivered and are being installed.

METAFRAX_hydrolizer_adjusted METAFRAX_OnTheRoad METAFRAX_CO2_duct_adjusted METAFRAX_regenerator_adjusted