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26 June 2018

Casale is pleased to announce its acquisition of the license and all know-how of the CO2 Removal Process developed and owned by Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry (Russia).

In the recent past Casale’s corporate mission has been to become a global provider of the complete production chain of nitrogen fertilizers, from the feedstocks to the end-products.

This acquisition further strengthens Casale’s rich and comprehensive portfolio of processes with a technology that has found wide and successful application in many ammonia plants design by GIAP (Russia), such as the so-called AM-70, AM 76 and AM-80 types. Several of such plants, in Russia and other former USSR countries, are still in operation and have proved able to operate at capacities of 2000 MTD or more, after suitable revamping.

The distinctive feature of Karpov’s CO2 Removal Process is the peculiar design of the internal parts of both the absorber and stripper columns.

The access to Karpov’s technology allows Casale to revamp a GIAP ammonia plant up to 2100 MTD and more, substantially keeping the CO2 removal section, except for few modifications to the internals of the columns.

This feature simplifies the whole revamp and helps to greatly reduce the overall cost, as proven in the revamp carried out by Casale of the GIAP-designed plant at Nevinnomysk Azot.

A similar revamp, by Casale, at Novomoscosk Azot's GIAP ammonia plant is due to follow suit.

For further information on Karpov CO2 Removal Process and how it could benefit your plant or, in general, on revamping ammonia plants please contact:

Mr Lorenzo Pennino
Head of Sales
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18 October 2017

PJSC Metafrax, one of the major Russian chemical companies, and Casale, a leading technology licensor in syngas and fertilizer production, are pleased to announce the signature of a contract for engineering, equipment supply and construction management of a large chemical complex, to be implemented in Gubakha, Perm region (Russia).

Under the terms of the contract, Casale will act as Technology Licensor and EPCm contractor for the realization of the entire project, which consist of the following units, based on Casale proprietary technologies and know-how:

  • One new 894 MTD ammonia synloop, using A2000 CTM technology, operating on pure hydrogen and nitrogen feedstock.
  • One new 1’725 urea plant, incorporating Split FlowTM and Full CondenserTM technologies.
  • One new 40’000 MT/year melamine plant, using LEMTM technology.

The new complex will be completed by a PSA unit for the recovery of hydrogen from the purge gas of the existing methanol plant, to be utilized as feedstock for the new ammonia synloop, and a Carbon Dioxide Recovery (CDR) unit, designed according to MHI technology, which will recover 1’200 MTD of CO2 from the methanol plant reformers, to be utilized as feed for the urea plant.

All these features make the project a unique example of a closely integrated production chain, starting from methanol up to urea and melamine.

The Complex construction is slated for realization in 36 months.

The project is a result of PJSC Metafrax’s business strategy, initiated twenty years ago, which, in a series of steps and always adopting Casale technologies, has boosted the methanol plant capacity from 2500 MTD to 3375 MTD (+35%). The latest step consisted in debottlenecking  the methanol plant’s front end by installing  a new POX unit section in parallel to the existing reformers.

This project is another milestone in PJSC Metafrax’s history of continuous improvement of its position in the European market whilst, for Casale, it is testimony of its new position of global contractor, brought about by Casale’s recent acquisitions, which have broadened both its portfolio of technologies and its engineering skills.

Mr. V. Daut, General Director of Metafrax commented: “We decided to proceed in partnership with Casale because we saw a big advantage in having one single licensor for ammonia, urea and melamine, – in combination with their deep knowledge of our existing methanol plant. We believe that, with its big experience in all kind of revamp, Casale will realize optimal technical solutions for integrating the new units of the Complex into our existing methanol plant”.

“We are very proud to have been selected by one of the most prestigious chemical companies in Russia to help them fostering their growth through widening their product mix and toward becoming one of the most important players in the Russian market”, said Mr. Federico Zardi, CEO of Casale.

March 2016

Navoyazot (Uzbekistan) and Casale have inked a contract for the supply of one nitric acid plant to be erected at Navoi City. The plant capacity will be 1500 MTD (as 100% nitric acid) and will feature Casale’s proprietary NA 2000 dual pressure technology.

Casale will be responsible to provide the license, complete engineering design, supply of all equipment and materials and site construction works. This project represents the first contract awarded to Casale after its purchase of the complete Nitrates technology portfolio from Borealis in 2015.