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December 2016

The Swiss based Casale Holding SA, the owner of Casale SA, is pleased to announce that Chemoproject Nitrogen a.s., a leading Czech engineering company, active in base chemicals and fertilizers industry, whose control was acquired in July 2014, has officially changed its name to Casale Project a.s. and it is now fully owned by Casale Holding.

The rebranding strengthen the two Companies which, since the acquisition in 2014, have been realigning their organizations and underlines their common drive toward achieving a greater scale, as a combined entity with a shared vision, in view of delivering a better and wider service to the their customers.

Customers, vendors and partners will find no change in the quality of products or services offered, obtaining information on products or services, or conducting business with both companies.

This name change better reflects the common future direction of Casale and Casale Project” says Giuseppe Guarino, CEO of Casale SA, Vice Chairman of Casale Holding and Chairman and Statutory Director of Casale Project a.s. “in which Casale’s well-known technological leadership will blend seamlessly with the capabilities of Casale Project in project execution allowing both Companies to provide their Customers with a full range of services required to successfully implement projects, including turn-key execution, for new units construction and large revamp of existing plants as well.

For further information please contact:

Casale SA: Federico Zardi, COO
Tel +41 91 6419200 (Lugano, Switzerland)
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Casale Project a.s.:Paolo Silva, CEO
Tel. +420 277 012 111 (Prague, Czech Republic)
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Casale Holding SA is the shareholder of Casale SA, which is a global leader on developing and licensing proprietary technologies in ammonia, methanol, urea, melamine and syngas processes.
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Casale Project a.s. provides comprehensive services in engineering, procurement, construction and management of complex industrial projects, focusing at nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, aniline, as well as urea, UAN and CAN.
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November 2016

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC- Today, Casale SA and RTI International announced the signing of a global licensing and cooperation agreement that grants Casale the rights to be the exclusive sublicensor for RTI’s breakthrough warm gas desulfurization process technology that produces cleaner energy and chemicals from coal and other high-sulfur feedstocks.

This advanced market-ready technology enables high-sulfur gas streams, such as synthesis gas from coal or petcoke gasification, to be cleaned at elevated temperatures (250-650°C), thus reducing or eliminating the need for substantial gas cooling and expensive heat recovery systems. This increases the overall process efficiency, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and also reduces the capital and operating costs of the entire gas cleanup block by as much as 50 percent when compared to conventional cleanup technologies.

This technology uses a novel transport reactor design and a unique high capacity, regenerable, attrition-resistant sorbent with excellent performance. This technology can achieve up to 99.9 percent removal of total sulfur from syngas at temperatures as high as 650°C and over a wide range of sulfur concentrations and operating pressures. The process was demonstrated on a 60,000 Nm3/h synthesis gas stream in a coal/petcoke gasification plant at Tampa Electric’s Polk Power Plant in Florida, where it operated successfully for more than 3,500 hours.

The integration of this technology with a downstream activated-amine carbon capture process enabled further reduction of total sulfur in the syngas to sub-ppmv concentrations (as low as 100 parts per billion), suitable for stringent synthesis gas applications such as chemicals, fertilizers, and fuels.

“RTI has been developing this technology over a number of years with support from the U.S. Department of Energy and we are enthusiastic that our testing of the technology through pre-commercial scale was completed so successfully and that the technology is now ready for commercial deployment,” said Raghubir Gupta, Ph.D., global head, Energy Technology Division at RTI. “We are very excited that Casale, a technically strong global leader in syngas conversion technologies, will be our partner in taking this technology into the global marketplace.”

“Casale already has a strong presence in fertilizer and methanol plants based on gasification, where we are a leader in the supply of sour gas shift and synthesis technologies,” said Ermanno Filippi, Ph.D., chief technology officer of Casale. “This agreement allows us to further expand our offering in these plants in the field of synthesis gas cleaning and conditioning, and to offer the warm gas desulfurization process for IGCC (integrated gasification combined cycle) and other gasification-based units. This agreement builds upon a very successful longstanding relationship between Casale and RTI.”

For further information please contact:

RTI International | Lisa Bistreich-Wolfe, media relations manager, |Tel. +1-919-316-3596 | e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Casale SA | Lorenzo Pennino, head of sales department | Tel. +41 91 6419237 | e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Casale SA is a privately owned Swiss Company, wholly owned by CASALE HOLDING, with headquarters in Lugano (Switzerland). Casale, the Swiss global leader in ammonia, urea, methanol, melamine, nitric acid, nitrate and phosphate technologies, is a global provider of integrated solutions for the production of fertilizers and chemicals from syngas.

June 2016

Henan Jindadi ChemicaL Co. Ltd, (China) will build a new 1800 MTD, coal based ammonia plant in Henan province based upon Casale’s synthesis technology and proprietary equipment.

Casale’s scope of work under the contract will comprise, besides license and process design, also the supply of the ammonia converter cartridge and a synlop waste heat boiler capable of producing 3,8 MPa steam.

The boiler will be directly flanged to the converter exit nozzle in fashion typical of Casale design, which ensures reduced cost and superior reliability.

This new contract adds to the 3 large synloops, i.e. higher than 1800 MTD, already won by Casale in the last few years, in testimony of the long term reliability and efficiency of operation of its technology.