breaking news

March 2016

Navoyazot (Uzbekistan) and Casale have inked a contract for the supply of one nitric acid plant to be erected at Navoi City. The plant capacity will be 1500 MTD (as 100% nitric acid) and will feature Casale’s proprietary NA 2000 dual pressure technology.

Casale will be responsible to provide the license, complete engineering design, supply of all equipment and materials and site construction works. This project represents the first contract awarded to Casale after its purchase of the complete Nitrates technology portfolio from Borealis in 2015.

January 2016

Casale is happy to announce that it was awarded a new contract by Messrs. Nak Azot, member of Eurochem group (Russia), for the revamping of their Toyo ammonia plant at Novomoscovsk, with goal to boost the output up to 2000 MTD whilst reducing the energy consumption. Under the deal Casale will provide license, know-how and the basic design. The project is expected to be completed by end of 2017

Casale is delighted to continue the long standing relationship with Eurochem group, following last year’s  successful completion of a similar revamping for Nevinnomysk Azot ammonia plant (Russia).

July 2015

Casale is pleased to announce that has acquired a major contract by Messrs. Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd (India) for the provision of Basic Engineering Design services regarding the revamping of their ammonia-urea complex in Goa, India.

In addition, a new granulation unit based on Casale’s VORTEX™ technology will also be supplied.

The goal of the revamping is to increase the output of the complex from 850 MTD to 1050 MTD of ammonia and from 1450 MTD to 1800 MTD of urea respectively.