Yara fertilizer factory

Casale is committed to study the application of its technology, mainly in connection with the well know state-of-art Casale Ammonia Converter, to a Yara ammonia factory at Herøya (Norway).

The existing plant, which is one of the sources of CO2 emissions in Norway, is assessing replacement of the current hydrogen production through liquefied fossil gas, with a “green hydrogen” based on renewable energy. By so doing, Yara will be able to create emission-free ammonia.

As part of this initiative, Casale is studying to apply its own technology including the design of a brand-new ammonia converter internals. Casale is used to provide better conversion reactor, intrinsically providing GHG emission reduction.

Furthermore, Casale is designing its reactor in order to let the Herøya plant synthesis loop be able to initially work with the traditional source. After the decarbonization of the plant, the Casale design of the reactor will allow the ammonia synthesis to switch to the new source of green hydrogen without any additional intervention.

In this first decarbonization step, the plant will produce enough hydrogen equivalent to 20,500 tonnes of green ammonia per year, which converts into between 60,000 and 80,000 tonnes of green fossil free mineral fertilizer.