Novomoskovsk Azot, one of the major Russian producers of nitrogen fertilizers and in first place in Russia for urea volumes, with which Casale has already carried out several revamping projects in the past, is ready to welcome a new HP stripper designed by Casale and made with components in Uremium 29.

Urea plantUremium 29 is the new alloy with very high resistance to carbamate induced corrosion that Tubacex, the world leading manufacturer of tubular solutions, has specifically developed for and in cooperation with Casale.

Thanks to the Casale technology and design, the new stripper has 25% more tubes than the previous one, keeping the same external volume and weight.

The improvement has been achieved thanks to the mechanical design with geometry optimization and high strength CS use for pressure resistant parts, which allow to reduce the wall thickness.

This will be the forth supply of this new generation of HP stripper with Uremium 29 components.

Uremium 29 has demonstrated an excellent resistance to the most aggressive carbamate-induced corrosion modes and it is used in industrial applications. Its outstanding mechanical and anti-corrosive properties makes it particularly suited for the tubes of high-pressure equipment as well as for piping and fittings and, in general, all situations where a high degree of reliability and a long operating life are critical factors for sustained, trouble-free operation of any urea plant.

Further deals for equipment made of Uremium 29 are under negotiation.