GSFC (India) and Casale SA (Switzerland) are pleased to announce that GSFC’s 40’000 MT/y new melamine plant in Vadodara (India), based on Casale’s Low Energy Melamine (LEM) technology, has now smoothly reached its design capacity, with specific consumptions in line with the expectations and consistently delivering a premium quality product, in terms of colour and purity.

The plant achieved the mechanical completion early in January this year and was thereafter immediately commissioned.

Casale’s LEM technology was originally acquired from Borealis in 2013 and quickly reached a prominent position in the melamine market as shown by 3 contracts already awarded since then. GSFC’s melamine plant is the first one which goes on stream.

Gujarat State Fertilizer and Chemicals (GSFC), with operations in Vadadara (India), is a leading producer or caprolactam, urea, other fertilizers, methanol and the only one of melamine in India, with 3 plants on the same site.

Casale SA is a global licensor and provider of multiple solutions for the syngas-based industry, thanks to its complete portfolio of highly efficient and integrated technologies overarching the entire production chain of any N- and P-based fertilizers, plus melamine and methanol, from the natural gas feed up to the end products.