Metafrax’s AUM Project is a large and complex project, never undertaken so far, aimed at expanding the product mix of one of the biggest Russian producers of methanol and downstream resins, making full use of some low-value off streams. The new products are melamine and urea.

The project consists in the revamp of the exiting methanol plant, located in northern Russia, the addition of new ammonia, urea, melamine plants plus a new CO2 recovery unit (CDR) from flue gas.

All technologies involved, except for the CDR are owned and provided by Casale, which is also the general EPCm contractor. Site construction is under the responsibility of Metafrax.

The advantages of there being only one licensor/contractor are the high degree of integration among the various units, single point of responsibility, reduced project timing, improved efficiency.

The construction works started in 2018 and are proceeding relentlessly ahead of the coming rigid winter.

Most of the heavy equipment are already delivered and are being installed. The pictures below show the arrival on site of the columns of the CDR unit.