Despite the serious hurdles caused by the COVID19 pandemic and the necessity to insure and preserve the health and safety of all parties involved in the project, particularly our site team, the construction of the large Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (or AUM) complex at Metafrax is making steady progress.

Metafrax’s AUM large project overview
Metafrax’s AUM large project detail 1
Metafrax’s AUM large project detail 2
Metafrax’s AUM large project detail 3

At the onset of the pandemic, appropriate measures and strategies were quickly put in place in view of soften, to the maximum extent possible, the negative impact due to the situation, especially as far as the schedule is concerned.

First and foremost, all our site team members have been tested for the virus. We are happy to say that none has resulted positive. We have strictly complied with all norms and procedures enacted by Russian authorities with the purpose to thwart the pandemic.

All this has given us the confidence not only to go ahead but to actually increase the strength of our site team, with more people being deputed there. Meanwhile, for all Vendors, specific procedures have been arranged enabling to work remotely, with minimal disruption of the workflow and hence reduced impact on schedule.

All equipment of all units was already delivered to site before the pandemic struck, while it has been possible to anticipate the critical activity of testing and qualifying the welders since all relevant materials and procedure were made available well in advance than scheduled. Owing to this, the piping prefabrication and installation could be started and it is underway.

All the above strengthen our confidence that the Ammonia Unit will be put on stream within the end of this year.