Casale and Metafrax Chemicals signed on July 22 a Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of a new Melamine unit at the Metafrax Chemicals production site in Gubakha (Perm Region - Russia) and, at the same time, a first Contract related to this project for the Equipment supply.
The documents were approved by Vladimir Daut, Metafrax General Director and Federico Zardi, Casale SA CEO.

Vladimir Daut, Metafrax General Director and Federico Zardi, Casale SA CEOVladimir Daut, Metafrax General Director (left) and Federico Zardi, Casale SA CEO (right) Casale SA will implement the project “turnkey” (EPC,“engineering-procurement-construction”), including design, supply of all necessary equipment and materials, construction work and commissioning of the new plant up to its commissioning, which is scheduled for the 2024.
An essential role in the implementation of the project will be played by Casale Project A.S., which will devote all its experience to the detailed design and to the organization and management of the construction and commissioning works, working as part of an integrated team with Casale.

The new melamine plant will be integrated into the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex already realized with Casale SA technology and will increase its productivity of other 40,000 MTY.

The AUM complex of Gubakha, one of the largest investment projects in the Perm region, has been completely implemented, designed and built by Casale SA. The design capacity of the complex is of 300’000 MTY of ammonia, 575’000 MTY of urea and 40’000 MTY of melamine.

Thanks to an innovative design developed by Casale, the new plant will feature total purification of the liquid effluent that, added to the minimum CO2 emissions obtained due to the lowest specific consumptions of Casale unique technology, will allow to reach the lowest ecological impact for plant of this type.

«The development of the AUM complex, which will finally include two Melamine production units, is the result of a close cooperation with our partner Metafrax Chemicals» - noted Federico Zardi, Casale CEO - . «The paramount importance of this new project lies in the fact that it is a unique customized process solution, where Casale has been able to clearly show its mission of “Global provider of integrated solutions for the production of fertilizers and chemicals”, and furthermore also to confirm its world-wide leadership in the design and construction of melamine production plants.
Key benefits are ecological, safety and energy efficiency, which are among the pillars of the Green vision undertaken by our company».

«The signed document marks a new stage of long-standing fruitful cooperation between Casale and the Russian chemical giant Metafrax. With this investment» – said the Metafrax General Director Vladimir Daut - «we will become one of the largest producers of melamine in Europe, provide ourselves with raw materials for the expanding production of resins and create new high-tech jobs for residents».