Normally suitable for capacity increase up to 30%. It is based on a "standard" scheme that makes maximum use of the existing equipment, leaving the main process line unchanged.

Central to Casale approach to revamping is the use of technologies specifically devised for this purpose, whose effect is increasing the efficiency of existing units, as opposite to simply replacing existing inefficient equipment or adding new ones (“add-on” approach). Casale revamping philosophy is always to enhance the performances of the existing plant by conceiving more efficient process flow configurations or by installing high efficiency equipment.

One of the main outcomes of our approach is the minimization of the hardware cost: the proposed modifications usually involve changing the internals of the existing items whose cost is a fraction of the installation of new equipment and related bulk materials (interconnecting piping, instrumentation etc.). A case in point is our well-known ammonia converter revamping technology which has been successfully employed worldwide in hundreds of cases.

All the technologies that are applied in Casale plant revamping are developed in-house and patented. The success of Casale lies in the capability to develop the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies and apply these improvements to the plants to both increase the production, where required, and to decrease the energy consumption. Casale is proud of being a technology-oriented company, devoted to innovation.

In a revamping for capacity increase, main bottlenecks to be solved are generally concentrated in:

  • Air compressor
  • Primary reformer
  • Synthesis loop