Concept focused on plant integration and energy optimization.
Ammonia and Urea existing complex energy consumption reduced up to 5.0 Gcal/MTUrea.

Casale’s SAVeNG concept is based on a “total approach” towards revamping fertilizer complexes, adopting technologies from Casale’s huge portfolio in both the ammonia and the urea field, enhanced by integration of the process plants with the complex offsites.

This concept can be summarized with the following keywords:

  • Lean steam - limit steam generation to the extent strictly required for efficient heat recovery and minimize steam generation in auxiliary boilers, favoring the shift of machine drives from turbine to electric motor;
  • Power unit - maximize in-house power generation with an efficient gas turbine (new unit or upgrade of existing units) to feed the new drives;
  • Integration - modify the process plants to allow efficient utilization of the waste heat from turbine exhaust.

The final purpose of the SAVeNG is to minimize the use of Natural Gas as fuel by promoting either a cheaper steam generation and a more efficient energy recovery.

Studies conducted on different urea complex configurations showed that the achievable energy saving by application of the SAVeNG concept can be as high as 1 Gcal/MT of urea (depending on the plant technology and actual energy consumption), with final energy consumption lower than 5.0 Gcal/MT of urea.