Every Casale revamping for capacity increase brings to an overall plant efficiency improvement. Some Casale's interventions are suitable for every revamping target. These are:

  • Isothermal Methanol Converter (IMC™)
  • Synthesis gas compressor revamp

Thanks to its wide experience in the synthesis gas field, Casale is able to deploy all these technologies to achieve the revamping target, creating real value for the client.

Different modifications can be done to improve the energy-efficiency of a methanol plant, concentrating on reducing specific NG consumption, steam import from the utilities and electric power consumption.
Modifications are focused on the sections where changes could provide significant energy saving at a reasonable capital cost. Normally, main plant limitations are:

  • High primary reformer stack temperature
  • Overloaded synthesis loop
  • Machines close to their limits

The IMC converter design is such that it can be used to transform an existing adiabatic methanol converter to a much more efficient isothermal layout. The performance of the converter revamped to IMC design is the best currently achievable from the most advanced reactors.

All the technologies that are applied in Casale plant revamping are developed in-house and patented. The success of Casale lies in the capability to develop the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies and apply these improvements to the plants to both increase the production, where required, and to decrease the energy consumption. Casale is proud of being a technology-oriented company, devoted to innovation.