Key features

  • Simple and proven design
  • Submerged condenser with natural circulation
  • Significant production of urea

Casale has developed the medium-pressure splitting concept for the revamping of CO2 Stripping plants. In case of a very large production increase of more than 50% of nameplate capacity, the HP Stripper is likely to become a bottleneck due to flooding issue. To overcome the hydraulic limit of the HP Stripper, a new plant section is installed in parallel with the existing HP stripper. Flow from the urea reactor which exceeds the allowable load of the stripper is diverted to a parallel plant unit working at about 18 bar. The MP section is equipped with a decomposer and a condenser. The unreacted carbamate is partially decomposed and the developed vapors are condensed with the aid of carbonate solution from the downstream LP section. The resulting carbamate solution is recycled to the HP scrubber, while the urea solution is sent to the LP decomposer along with the solution from the HP stripper.

With the implementation of Split Flow™ & Full Condenser™ equipped with MP Split Technology it is possible toproduce about 6'000 MTPD in a single train plant.