Revamping scheme to boost capacity and efficiency of CO2 Stripping plants

Key features

  • About 65% less inerts to reactor
  • More efficient carbamate condensation thanks to Full Condenser™ technology

The Split Flow Loop™ is Casale’s patented improved CO2 stripping process. Its distinctive feature is that only a small portion of the gas from the HP stripper is fed directly into the reactor, whilst the balance is sent first to the carbamate condenser and then, after separation of the carbamate solution, directly to the inert scrubber. This reduces the volume of inert gases passing through the reactor, thus improving the CO2 conversion.

The Split Flow Loop™ applies in combination with the revamping of the existing HP condenser according to Casale’s proprietary Full Condenser™ design, whose key feature is that, unlike the traditional design, it operates as a submerged condenser, which is more effective at carbamate formation. Only a very few and easy to implement modifications are necessary to switch from a standard CO2 stripping plant to Split Flow Loop™ and Full Condenser™ design, as follows:

  • Installation of specific proprietary internals inside the existing HP carbamate condenser
  • Rerouting of a few lines in the HP section to implement the new process flow scheme

Combined with other Casale technologies, such as High-Efficiency Trays in the reactor, the Split Flow Loop™ - Full Condenser™ configuration can be applied to debottleneck CO2 stripping plants achieving up to 30-50% more production with a very low investment.

Figure: Split Flow Loop™ process flow diagram Split Flow Loop™ process flow diagram