The Advanced Urea On-Line Raman Analyzer (AURORA) is a new powerful tool for on-line process analysis and control of urea plants developed by Casale in cooperation with Kaiser Optical Systems Inc. – a company of Endress+Hauser group, worldwide leader in the spectrographic instrumentation.

The AURORA is based on the principles of Raman Spectroscopy where a sample is illuminated with a laser light and the scattered photons are collected and analyzed. Unlike other similar instruments on the market, it provides the complete on-line analysis of any HP process stream of the urea synthesis including NH3%, CO2%, Urea% as well as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the N/C and H/C ratios, CO2 conversion % in the urea reactor and the efficiency of the stripper.
The AURORA is a “Real time Performance Meter” and fits perfectly with any kind of Urea Process Technology allowing operators, for instance, to quickly correct deviations of the N/C molar ratio away from the lower performance region.

The AURORA comes in a ready-to-install package comprising:

  • The Raman Module (up to 4 measuring points in a single analyzer)
  • An Automated process analyzer control software with AutoCal function
  • An Integrated advanced “urea process app” for composition in terms of NH3%, CO2%, Urea% and Key Performance Indicators such as N/C, H/C, conversion% in the urea reactor
  • Kevlar strengthened fiber optic cable
  • A High-pressure Raman probe suitable for Urea Service up to 260 bar and 220°C
  • A Special continuous sampling provision for the connectivity to the urea process

Boosting your Urea Reactor performance has never been so simple:

  • N/C ratio up by 0.12 points
  • H/C reduced by 0.10 points
  • CO2 Conversion up by 3 percentage points

The results:

  • HP Stripper specific steam consumption down by 2 to 5 %
  • Ammonia consumption saving of 5 Kg/MT urea
  • Up to 3% production increase
  • Reduction of NH3 emissions
  • Better product quality
AURORA probe