Optimized synthesis catalyst for ammonia converter.
Up to 30% more activity than the standard Magnetite, Cobalt or standard Wustite catalyst.
Additional energy saving (compared to standard AmoMax®) up to 0.05 Gcal/MT.

AmoMax®-Casale is an evolution of the well known AmoMax® catalyst produced by Clariant.

AmoMax®-Casale has been optimized by:

  • manufacturing process improvement
  • optimization of the catalyst features and receipt

The catalyst has been jointly developed by Casale and Clariant and can provide an activity that is up to 30% higher than the standard iron based catalyst (regardless we are speaking of wustite or magnetite catalysts) and than the Cobalt based catalyst.

The optimized formulation of this catalyst provides superior performances compared to the other catalysts offered by the competitors.

The main features of AmoMax®-Casale catalyst are:

  • Shape: irregular granules like AmoMax®-10
  • Expected life: similar or higher than AmoMax®-10
  • Resistance to poisoning: similar or higher than AmoMax®-10
  • Mechanical srenght: similar to AmoMax®-10

The AmoMax®-Casale is particularly suitable for:

  • designing new converter for new plant with size approximately 30% lower than converter using standard catalyst
  • ammonia converter revamping providing additional ammonia synthesis capability targeted to capacity increase or energy saving