Modern vertical secondary reformer WHB.
Natural circulation.
Solution to replace existing bayonet tube WHB. Robust design and long lasting RG boiler.
Higher reliability and availability to the ammonia plant.

The Casale-Arvos boiler is the most reliable vertical boiler with natural circulation available on the market. The design is based on the double tube system with oval header.

This proprietary design of vertical process gas cooler fulfils in an ideal manner the requirements of a thermally high loaded exchanger located downstream the secondary reformer providing for trouble-free operation and long service life.

Due its modular type of construction the Casale-Arvos double tube/oval header exchanger can be adapted to all conditions and it is worldwide successfully in operation.

Summarizing, the key advantages of this peculiar arrangement are:

  • Trouble-free operation and easy maintenance
  • More than 50 years of references
  • Easy and fast installation, thus little downtime of your ammonia plant
  • No change in plant configuration
  • Re-use of existing foundations
  • Short transfer line between secondary reformer and boiler
  • Water-cooled tube sheet, no use of refractory
  • No sludge deposition
  • Low tube skin temperature
  • Nucleate boiling
  • No crevice corrosion
  • Thermal expansion compensation

All this features make this heat exchanger the most suitable design to replace the bayonet tube secondary reformer WHB used in most of the ammonia plant presently in operation around the world improving the availability and reliability of this important gas boiler. Differently from the bayonet tube WHB, which bundles must be replaced every 3÷4 years, the Casale-Arvos boiler is providing an expected truble free operation of more than 20 years.