Reduction of CW consumption in existing AARP (russian AXY).
Cooling water saving in existing AARP (russian AXYs).
Energy saving.

The Casale Cooling Module is a modified evaporative condenser or wherever possible a modified dry air cooler to be used in existing AARP (Russian AXYs).

The Casale Cooling Module is installed upstream an existing AARP (Russian AXYs) absorber and will partially condense ammonia vapors at the expense of air or air with sprayed water (especially during the hot season).

CW used in the existing absorber CW exchangers can be therefore saved.

Ammonia vapors can be condensed al low pressure if mixed with an aqueous solution; at the same time, mixture shall be refrigerated in order to subtract the generated absorption duty.

To achieve a perfect mixing between ammonia vapors and lean aqua-ammonia solution, special patented ejectors can be used; then the mixture is fed to Casale Cooling Module coils where it is cooled down at the expense of air.

Water (during hot season) can sprayed on coils surface to condense at air wet bulb temperature and minimize heat exchange surface. For water make-up either DW or polished water can be used.