Package to provide liquid ammonia to the ammonia plant.
Energy sources LP steam or hot water.
Plant summer stabilization and energy saving up to 0.2 Gcal/MT.

The Casale static refrigeration package, is an ammonia absorption-based system which uses thermal energy to drive the refrigeration effect rather than using high grade mechanical energy, as it occurs in traditional, compressor-based refrigerators.

The Casale static refrigeration package basically provides liquid ammonia for the refrigeration purposes.

In the standard design is based on absorption unit having CW heat exchanger as cooling medium, but also advanced solution using evaporative condenser, and more importantly, brand-new solution where there is NO NEED of cooling water or utility water to perform the liquid ammonia generation and absorption.

A variety of low grade heat sources can be conveniently exploited (e.g. low grade steam or hot water, solar energy, waste heat etc.) and as such a Casale static refrigeration package is useful for energy saving applications.

In ammonia plants the Casale static refrigeration package can replace or be combined to compressor-based chillers and it relies on the use of ammonia (coming from aqua/ammonia solution distillation) as refrigerant.

The application of such package can provide stabilization of the ammonia plant performance during summer (no longer plant capacity loss during summer); recent application allowed to increase the typical summer production of more than 100 MTD in a 1360 MTD nameplate ammonia plant.

Additionally an energy saving up to 0.2 Gcal/MT is typically provided.