Clean CO2 produced with up to 100 ppm vol of H2 residual content.
Simple solution.
Low Capex.

Considering that the usual CO2 stream produced at BLs in an existing (and new) CO2 removal section contains a significant amount of H2 (more than 0.1% and very often more than 0.2% mol), Casale can supply a new technology to provide a very low H2 content in a Clean CO2 stream generated in an existing or in a new CO2 removal section.

Thanks to this patented technology developed by Casale it is possible to reduce the H2 content in the Clean CO2 up to 100 ppmv, with usual guaranteed value around 500÷600ppm vol. This technology allows to recover up to 70-80% of clean CO2 (the balance is made by dirty CO2).

Casale has already applied this technology in a couple of plants located in Russia, in particular in one plant Casale modified the top of the regenerator while in another plant Casale realized an improved external pre-flash to enhance the CO2 clean fraction versus CO2 dirty one.

This technology can be applied both to amine and hot potassium-based CO2 removal section.