New tower design to provide reliability and better performances to the Ammonia plant CO2 removal section.

Casale acquired recently the Karpov technologies for CO2 removal section revamping; these technologies have been already successful implemented in many revamping projects in Russia.

Among the various technologies acquired it is worth to mention the multi pipe tray technology for the towers internals.

The main advantages of these type of trays are:

  • High efficiency (can be estimated an efficiency at least double compared to the standard sieve trays)
  • The active area of these trays is higher than with standard sieve trays

The higher efficiency allows a closer approach to the equilibrium absorption in amine based system, this is going to provide lower CO2 slip from the absorber and lower circulation in the CO2 removal section.

Additionally the Karpov technology is also based on high weir trays design; these trays, thanks to the higher residence time, are more efficient than the standard ones (the standard trays have a typical a weir high of 3÷5 cm); the higher efficiency has the outcome of lower regeneration duty, and finally lower specific energy consumption.