Leveraging on Casale’s specific know-how and experience with all commercially available CO2 removal section technologies, either amine-based or hot potassium carbonated based, Casale can assess the performance of existing units with the goal to identify bottlenecks, suggest improvements and propose revamp solutions.

For a given system Casale can typically evaluate:

  • specific regeneration consumption;
  • absorption efficiency index;
  • regeneration efficiency index;
  • flooding %;
  • fouling of the exchangers;
  • water balance.

In case of absorption solution deterioration, Casale can advise for testing and filtration systems (permanent or temporary).

It is also worth evidencing that Casale acquired the license and the complete know-how of the CO2 Removal Process originally developed by Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry (Russia), widely used in many ammonia plants in Russia designed by GIAP (AM-70 and AM-76 type). Casale is therefore the only Licensor able to assess and revamp the CO2 removal section of such plants.