MP condensate stripper, LP condensate stripper and Saturator specifically designed.
Process condensate quality improvement.
Energy recovery up to 0.2 Gcal/MT.

Different solutions are offered to treat the process condensate separated upstream of the CO2 removal section, these solutions can be focused to the recovery of the therein contained pollutants such as NH3 and CH3OH and also for energy saving.

Casale offers at least three different solutions to be implemented in new or revamped plant:

  • Advanced LP stripping
  • MP condensate stripping
  • Saturator

All these solution have been successfully implemented in several plants.

The advanced LP stripping (patented solution) is accomplished by a classical LP stripping tower, where part of the concentrated overhead condensed vapour are recycled back to plant front end; this solution is particularly suitable in case of high NH3 and CH3OH content in the untreated process condensate. Care and proper solutions must be considered for the possibility of carbamate formation .

The MP condensate stripping is a more classical solution used to strip the process condensate using the MP steam fed to the ammonia plant front end. This solution is typically used by Casale in brand new plant and is used to reduce the energy consumption of an existing plant (usually saving up to 0.2 Gcal/MTNH3).

The saturator is a simple solution used as alternative to the air combustion pre-heating system to reduce the primary reformer stack temperature or in general to recover the waste heat in different plant location.

The saturator is used to reduce the direct MP steam requirement of the plant front end.

Also for the saturator can be estimated a usual saving of 0.2 Gcal/MTNH3.