Casale Dual Pipe reactor technoly can be advantageously used in granular Complex Fertilizer plants, namely in the granulator (GPR) and/or in the dryer (DPR).

In the first case the pipe reactor can handle the following fluids, depending on the desired product grade:

  • Liquid or gaseous ammonia (depending on cooling needs)
  • Phosphoric acid at various concentrations (wide range of quality)
  • Sulphuric acid (70-98% concentration)
  • Liquid effluents from the gas washing section

The N/P mole ratio may vary between 0.6 and 1.8, depending on the formulation. The ammonia utilization efficiency depends on the N/P ratio and is generally between 90% and 99%.

The second pipe reactor is in the dryer (DPR). It is designed to use the following fluids:

  • 52-54% Phosphoric acid and
  • Gaseous or liquid ammonia

In the DPR, the normal N/P molar ratio is 1.05. The ammonia efficiency is higher than 98%.
Both acid and ammonia flows are automatically controlled and adjusted.
The heat released by the neutralization reaction of phosphoric acid and ammonia is completely recovered and used inside the dryer, thus reducing the amount of heat that has to be supplied in the drying air from an external source.