Installed inside the pressure vessel.
Compact design to minimizes the synloop plot area.

Alternative to the installation of an external start-up heater (typically gas-fired), it is possible to design and include in the converter internals the heating elements to be used for start-up and catalyst-redusction phase.

Key features

Casale developed a proprietary technology for internal start-up heater deasign based on a heating bundle similar to a rod baffle exchanger, with U tubes.

  • Heating elements supported according to rod baffles design. This allows a compact construction, maximizing the heat exchange surface per unit of volume. This design is suitable to high gas speeds, preventing failures related to vibrations of the heating elements. It is therefore possible operating the heater in a reliable way at the highest loads, without increasing the shell diameter. Additional benefits are good heat transfer rates and low pressure drop
  • Heating elements are constituted by central heating resistances in NiCr alloy inserted in tubes in Inconel 600and insulated by means of Mg oxide: the heating bundle is electrically insulated

Casale applied this technology in different revamped converters, which original design was already based on internal electrical star-up heater. Casale design replaced original elements in order to achieve the abovementioned advantage.

Casale high performance electrical start-up heater is also available for new converter, should it fit client requests.