Casale has developed a new concept of Radar Level specifically designed for the High Pressure Urea Service.

The new radar level is based on the “guided waves” (GW) principle. The level transmitter emits high frequency electromagnetic pulses which are free to move on the surface of a stainless-steel rod which is extended to cover the entire level range.

The electromagnetic pulses are reflected by the liquid surface and are travelling back to the transmitter. The transit time of the waves is continuously measured and it is translated in level position by the electronics.

The GW level is a step ahead in the radar level measuring technology applied to the urea process. If compared to the free space radar, the GW radar is much more stable and accurate. This is because the presence of mist or foam in the high-density vapor phase in a Urea Stripper or a Urea Reactor doesn’t affect the electromagnetic waves which are travelling on the surface of the stainless-steel rod.

The new GW radar level is available for straight rod installations such as in the Urea Reactor and bended rod installations such as in the Urea Stripper

The rod is designed to be mechanically robust. All wet components are made of stainless-steel materials suitable for the HP urea service according to Casale specification. An external pipe support is also provided.

Example of GWR for HP Urea Stripper.