Provides plant stabilization during hot season.
Energy sources LP steam or hot water.
Energy saving will be about 0.2 Gcal/MT.

Casale patented solution. This technology can be applied to utilize efficiently low valuable energy like the LP steam or hot water to reduce the energy consumption of the plant by production of Chilled water.

This chilled water is generated at a temperature ranging between 5÷10°C and can be used to reduce the temperature in the compressor suction or interstages, alternatively the chilled water can be used to reduce the duty on the chiller operated in the Refrigerant section.

Chilled water units are supplied as package by qualified Vendor while the entire chilled water circuit is designed by Casale.

In a preferred solution the chilled water is supplied to a new synloop chiller located upstream of the existing ammonia chillers decreasing the downstream required duties.

The installation of a Li/Br system provides the following advantages:

  • Avoid the revamping of the refrigerant compressor and relevant turbine
  • Provides energy saving (up to 0.2 Gcal/MTNH3 on LHV)
  • Stabilize the plant operation during the hot season (capacity increase, compared to the usual run, during summer time)

The operation of Li/Br system requires the use of CW as utility.