Patented technology with free choice of the export steam’s pressure (typically in the range 10÷70 bar g).

Sometimes the original design conditions of a plant prevent to make the most out of an energy efficiency improvement project. This is the case, for instance, when the MP or LP steam headers of an existing ammonia plant are designed at a lower pressure than those of the rest of the industrial complex of which the plant is part. Therefore, any revamp of the ammonia plant that produces an excess of steam available, cannot really result in a saving unless “non-standard” solutions are adopted.

When this occurs, Casale has devised a solution consisting in replacing the existing turbine with a new one, operated with a higher-grade steam and with intermediate steam extraction (and export) to the desired pressure. This solution allows the export of excess steam saved because of the revamping and reduces the amount of steam generated in external utility steam package boiler.

This patented scheme is backed by a wide list of steam turbines manufacturers.