Ammonia is by and large one of the most important man-made chemicals, since a prompt and unrestricted availability is essential to sustain the life and the well -being of the world population.

When a small group of pioneers at the beginning of last century succeeded to wrest from Nature the secret of its production on a large scale, a new dawn raised over the entire mankind laying the ground for its spectacular and unrelenting increase, which is still occurring.

No human life on our planet, at least in the ways as we see it now, would be possible without ammonia.

Casale was among the pioneers which contributed to the birth and further development of this industry and the very same pioneering spirit coupled with a passion for excellence still foster today’s Casale, in all aspects of its work.

With almost a century of experience, we can offer a vast array of technologies, processes, customized services and solutions to help the industry produce ammonia in a more efficient, reliable and greener way.

Whether it is for a new plant or for the revamping of a vintage unit you should not miss to ask Casale.