In today’s highly volatile markets the ability to quickly diversity your product mix is often the best strategy to keep an edge over competition and ensure the profitability of your plant. Casale, thanks to its broad portfolio of technologies, encompassing the entire production chain of all fertilizers, plus methanol and melamine, in combination with a deep experience and strong know-how, can deliver fully proven end-to-end solutions from feedstocks to final products, always ensuring a high degree of integration among different units. And, last but not least, this comes with the benefit of a leaner project structure stemming from having just one single point of responsibility to deal with.

And diversifying does not necessarily entail just adding up more plants. In fact, Casale, drawing upon its experience and knack for revamping can deliver bespoke, efficient and cost saving solutions ensuring the ability to widen your product offering.

As a typifying example of what we mean by delivering an integrated solution, we is currently undertaking a large transformation of an existing methanol plant, in Russia, with the aim to produce ammonia, urea and melamine by making an efficient use of waste or low value streams, such as the H2 in the methanol purge gas and the CO2 present in the reformer’s exhaust gases. Learn more about this project downloading the attached paper in this page.