Methanol enters in our every day’s life with a vast variety of applications: from paints, to fibres, resins, coatings and many more. For instance, it can be found in computers, in our homes and cars, in the garments we wear, in the appliances we use and in our furniture.

But not only: it holds the promise to play a key role in a much-needed greener future. Its simple molecule, easy to make out of a wide variety of feedstocks - whether solid, liquid or gaseous, including renewables - in fact makes it an excellent energy carrier. It can be easily blended directly with gasoline or turned into diesel or olefins and such new fuel applications account for most part of the current growth in the methanol consumption, especially in the bustling Asian megacities.

Casale can deliver several methanol solutions, ranging from very efficient and highly reliable processes for new plants up to technologies for revamping existing facilities. Each one can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Drawing upon Casale’s experience in several sectors of the syngas industry, we can also devise highly integrated solutions with other processes. For instance, we have a proven scheme to expand your methanol plant in such a way to produce also ammonia, urea and melamine.

Get in touch with us if you wish to explore how we can help you take your methanol plant into the future – reliably – efficiently and in a sustainable way!