The global fertilizer market is set to grow in the coming future driven by:

  • General growth of population
  • Diet changes in specific emerging markets
  • Reduction of available arable land
  • Increased use of biofuel obtained from plants
  • Improved global fruit and vegetables trade with high quality requirements

Besides Urea, which accounts for more than 50 % of all fertilizer’s worldwide demand, there are significant other products of the Nitrogen value chain and Complex Fertilizers, where different minerals are added.

Nitric Acid is a key product in the entire Nitrogen stream and more specifically in the Nitrate products. Besides, Nitric Acid is also used as intermediate in the chemical industry and for the production of explosives.

Casale in 2015 took over from Borealis (formerly GPN) the whole set of proprietary technologies for the production of nitric acid (NA), ammonium nitrate (AN) and urea-ammonium nitrate solution (UAN), as well as other technologies for different downstream fertilizer products, including granulation technology.

Casale’s Nitric Acid portfolio of technologies includes:

  • Mono and Dual Pressure processes
  • De-NOx in the tail gases (by extended absorption or catalytic destruction with ammonia)
  • Abatement of N20

Casale capabilities and know-how are available for new plants, expansions and revamps.