an Ammonia converter and a BFW preheater - arrives in the USA

Venice at the first light of dawn: two enormous pieces of equipment are about to be loaded onto a ship. Destination USA.

It is an Ammonia converter and a BFW preheater, designed and customized by Casale for the revamping of a M.W. Kellogg ammonia plant.

Ammonia converter and BFW preheate - sketchFor Casale, a leading company in technologies for fertilizer production plants, this is the thirteenth replacement of Ammonia Converter Pressure Vessel in North America in recent years.

The replacement of obsolete equipment, which requires high maintenance costs and which after decades have significantly reduced their performance, is one of the activities in which the Lugano company boasts the greatest successes at international level.

In this specific case, we are talking about a 400+ tons full-opening reactor and a BFW preheater intended to replace the classic 105-D coupled to 123-C of the M.W.Kellogg plant.

Beyond the need to replace obsolete equipment, which may occur in breakage problems, and therefore risks related to the safety of the system itself, the Casale solution has highly innovative structural and technological features:

  • full-opening converter;
  • single-wall converter;
  • 3-bed cartridge;
  • cold-wall pressure vessel;
  • no-quenches design.

All this obviously translates into tangible benefits for the plant in terms of:

  • better accessibility to the internal parts of the reactor;
  • greater safety;
  • higher performances;
  • energy saving;
  • lower emissions.
Ammonia converter and BFW preheater - transport
Ammonia converter and BFW preheater - assembly 1
Ammonia converter and BFW preheater - assembly 2

We look forward to seeing the installation of both pieces of equipment soon.

Background of Casale ammonia revamping

The replacement of obsolete equipment requires a deep knowledge and analysis of the revamped plant. This is where Casale's engineers have always excelled. It is no coincidence that the more than 200 ammonia plants currently in operation in the world have been the subject of important interventions to remedy problems of obsolescence or to improve their performances.

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