Methanol revamping

Normally suitable for capacity increase up to 30%, with focused and effective operation. It is based on maximum use of the existing equipment, leaving the main process line as much as possible unchanged.

Applicable technologies are:

  • Prereformer
  • Primary Reformer upgrade
  • Heat Exchange Reformer (TPR)
  • Partial Oxidation Reactor (POx)
  • Isothermal Methanol Converter (IMC™)

When Clients demand a huge capacity increase more than 30%, Casale portfolio contains several innovations to achieve such challenging scope. These are:

  • CO2 injection (in combination with the Isothermal Methanol Converter (IMC™) in the synthesis loop)
  • Autothermal reactor (ATR)
  • Once Through Reactor (OTR)
  • Isothermal Methanol Converter (IMC™)

Every Casale revamping for capacity increase brings to an overall plant efficiency improvement. Some Casale's interventions are suitable for every revamping target. These are:

  • Isothermal Methanol Converter (IMC™)
  • Synthesis gas compressor revamp

Revamp focused on improving pollutant emissions in order to cope with the most stringent environmental regulations.