Engineering services

Lack of maintenance, wrong maintenance, uncontrolled obsolescence of rotating equipment can cause serious damages resulting in consistent economic loss.
Casale Engineering Department can act as a single reference point between Customer and all other Parties (e.g. driven machine OEM, machine driver OEM, design institutes, etc.), developing comprehensive inspection, upgrade and replacement strategies for any rotating equipment package (process compressors, reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, centrifugal fans, etc.).

Services in brief:

  • Machinery selection and management of all related issues;
  • Assessment of machinery performances;
  • Assessment of machinery mechanical behavior (e.g. vibrations);
  • Root cause analysis of failures;
  • Acknowledgment and settlement of engineering, operation and maintenance needs;
  • Replacement of single piece of equipment of a rotating equipment train;
  • Upgrade of technical features (e.g. replacement of compressor oil seals with dry gas seals);
  • Electrification of steam turbine driven machines;
  • Full integration with process;
  • Modernization of monitoring and control systems.

Centrifugal fans are commonly used in fertilizer and chemical plants. They can be designed for many and different sizes.

High pressure ammonia and carbamate pumps are, together with CO2 compressor, the most critical rotating equipment installed in urea plants.
In the past, reciprocating type pumps were usually selected for these services. In the recent years, with plant capacity increasing, centrifugal pumps have become the new standard; nevertheless, reciprocating pumps still find their place in the field of small capacity units or plant revamping.

Special purpose steam turbines are commonly used in fertilizer plants as drivers for critical compression services, for instance the critical syngas train, and are normally designed according to API612.