Applicable to Amine-based, Hot carbonate-based and CO2 removal section based on other system
Energy saving up to 0.3 Gcal/MT
Capacity increase up to +100% of plant capacity
CO2 quality improvemnet.

Casale cooperates with all major CO2 removal technology licensors, such as BASF, DOW, GMV etc to provide the best design of CO2 removal sections in new or revamped plants with the goal to asave energy, inccrease capacity and improve the quality of the CO2 producedy improvement.

The CO2 removal revamping is usually carried out through:

  • changing of the process configuration;
  • modifying the existing items (including tower internals);
  • adding new item/services to improve the energy consumption of the section;
  • imroving the quality of the adsorption solution.

Casale approach doeas not consist the CO2 removal section as a black box to be left (as it is) to the analysis of another section’s licensor; conversely Casale is simulating and designing in parallel to them the section to double check the solutions offered by these “standard” CO2 removal licensors, suggesting improvement and avoiding whatever design mistake. This approach to the CO2 removal section revamping allowed in many plant a trouble free modernization of the plant.

The revamping of this section is essential for whatever plant capacity increase and is usually providing energy saving up to 0.3 Gcal/MTNH3.

According to the design technology of the section, different strategies can be applied to improve this part of the plant. To date Casale has modernized 21 CO2 removal sections world-wide.